Are you going to college? Check out our Scholarship?

Starting May 2015 , Indian River County Airboat Association will be giving Two (2)  $1,000.00 Scholarship to a couple lucky applicants. You may use the money for college expenses, (such as paying for tuition, books, rooming, gas, food etc.)

The selection process is NOT done by anyone in the club, because we use an outside source that goes through the applications and chooses a winner. Applications will be accepted January 1st through the 4th week in April and the winner will be announced in the 4th week in May.

Terms of the Scholarship:

  • Must complete and turn in application.
  • Must provide current GPA with application.
  • Must show proof that you are enrolled in a college to be awarded the money.
  • If you are not enrolled at the time you are chosen the money will be put into the clubs savings account until the student enrolls.

Download the Scholarship ApplicationClick Here


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